Image Description: Text: “Cripple Problem #80: When normies at the mall take the elevator when they could easily get on the escalator.”


Image Description: Text: “Cripple Problem #79: When you say “excuse me” and the people around you barely move, yet when you run them over they give you attitude.”

HEY guys guess what! I won Prom Queen the other night<3 

Just thought I’d share with you.. In case anyone actually cares lol

I hope this doesn’t turn into a “AWWW look they voted for the cripple! How nice!!!!!!” bullshit because um I deserved that crown:) #justsaying


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Disability is often treated as though it were a deviation from the rule. In fact, it is not an anomaly. One out of five persons in the U.S. has an impairment, yet disability is perceived as an “oddity” rather than as a natural occurrence.
Marta Russell, Beyond Ramps:Disability at the End of the Social Contract (via disabledbyculture)

Image Description: Text: “Cripple Problem #78: Getting pat on the head like a child.”

Image Description: Text: “Cripple Problem #77:  Not being able to sneak up on anyone because your walking/rolling is too loud.”

What song should I put on this blog? I used to have You Raise Me Up and I Believe I Can Fly (basically annoying songs normies link to cripples. Hence: that’s a cripple problem.) like as a joke, but I want a change. Any ideas?

Image Description: Text: “Cripple Problem #76: Getting to your destination and finding out it’s not accessible.”

I am incredibly sorry to those of you who were offended by my last post. (It is now deleted) I never wrote it, it was a submission. I was really tired this morning, so I let my friend publish the submissions, so I didn’t read through them. I read it after it was published and wanted to like shun myself from the disabled community for having that on my blog lol. No but in all seriousness, I apologize for those of you that were offended, this blog was created for disabled people to know they’re not alone, and that post was just hurtful, it was never my intention. I extend my deepest apologies. 

I’m going to read through all the submissions from now on before letting anyone else publish them.

Image Description: Text: “Cripple Problem #75: When people assume your cane is just an accessory.” 

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